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2014 Saline Band Camp

The Saline Band hosted a one day band camp for visitors in 2014. The concept for this camp was suggested by NHIMA, the international organization (New Horizons International Music Association). The idea was that a group of three regional bands would each host a one day band camp at their rehearsal facility for anyone in the region (or beyond) to attend. In our case, Grand Rapids hosted first; there was a travel day; Saline was next for a day; another travel day; and then Port Huron wrapped it up. Any member was free to attend one, two, or all three of them.

We, in Saline, held our one day rehearsal; then hosted the group to a dinner at the Saline High School that was prepared by the Culinary Arts students. That was followed by a jam session. It was a good time.

We certainly had special guests from out-of-town. One was the founder of New Horizons, Dr. Roy Ernst. You can see him in the photos playing an electronic instrument.

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